Heavy Duty Towing Baytown

Heavy Duty Tow Truck

Houston is home to many industrial cities and lots of transport freighters and other semi trucks. Breakdowns, accidents and load sifts can sometimes be apart of the deal when dealing with big rigs. Having a reliable local heavy duty towing company that can handle various sized heavy vehicles can really be a great resource to keep for a rainy day. Finding a heavy tow truck on demand can be difficult. Therefore, we know how important it is to deliver that next load. Our operators can keep you on schedule. With competitive rates, a professional team with years of experience and top of the line equipment Jeff Smith Baytown Towing is your new heavy towing company.

Jeff Sr. (The Big Guns) unloading Jeep trailer off of a semi so the customer can get to his load in the morning. Keeping our clients on schedule is a big part of what we do for Houston, one fright at a time.

Heavy Duty Tow and Recovery

We can also tow any size semi truck, RV, or work truck you have. We can haul busses, trailers, dump trucks and just about anything up to 50 tons. Our trucks are built for under-reach and wheel-lift capabilities. Therefore, Our expert team can handle anything including roll-overs, load shifts and breakdowns.


Based locally in Baytown Tx we preform most of our tows near Baytown. Although we service a 150 mile radius around the Houston area and have recommendations for the best diesel mechanics around the city. Call today to get a quote for your heavy duty towing service

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