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Owner Jeff Smith hookin’ and bookin’ to get these stranded customers off the highway!

Light Duty Tow Truck

Jeff Smith Towing sweeps the roads of Baytown Tx. everyday and are known for record timing. Excellent customer care. Extensive knowledge of the towing industry and fair pricing making us the top rated towing company in Baytown. We care for our customers. Being on the side of a busy highway is very dangerous and your safety is our top priority so we will get you off the road as soon as possible. We respond to all calls wether you are stuck on the highway, stuck in the mud, or stuck in your driveway you can count on us to get you where you need to go!

Leave it to the Pros: Breaking down can be stressful and even scary. Jeff Smith Baytown Towing provides fast and experienced service to make the hassle of towing a vehicle a little easier. We have top of the line wreckers that can handle trailers, large box trucks, low riders and even boats. Our fleet of tow trucks are always on stand by and waiting for your call. Loaded with the latest towing equipment such as dollies, light kits and towing bars we can get you on your way.

We are here for you.


Baytown Towing

Location is always key for us we work around Houstons 150 mile radius and if we are out of the area we will be sure to direct you to someone closest to you. We also have a multitude of trusted mechanics that can help you in the case you don’t have a preferred mechanic. Just be sure to ask. If you need a tow truck in Baytown or Houston call Jeff now for a quote whether you are broke down or just need a car moved we will do our very best to get you off the road and on your way as fast as possible. Simply call or text us and we’ll help walk you through the process of getting your vehicle towed. Call today and we’ll help you out! #HoustonStrong

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