Recovery Services

Baytown Texas Recovery Specialist Team

In addition to our services, recovery towing is another service Jeff Smith Baytown Towing can provide. In the event that your car or truck is stuck we are the ones to call! Handling a variety of different situations over the last decade our drivers are very experienced. Below are a few examples of jobs we’ve completed.

“Jeff Smith Baytown Towing is an experienced and dependable recovery service with the right equipment for the job. If you need a winch line operator, vehicle off road recovery or wrecker truck in Channelview, Baytown, Pasadena or anywhere in the Houston area we are a phone call away.”

Heavy Duty

  • Jeff Smith Baytown Towing has been in the towing industry for over 10 years. In that time we have gained the knowledge and experience to handle any situation on the roads or in ditch. We have winches on all of our tow trucks and can life up to 30 tons.
  • Our heavy tow unit has two winch lines and a hydraulic capacity to handle any load. Safety is always a number one concern for you and our team and you can trust us to recover your box container, trailer, or freight.
  • Unfortunately, semi roll-overs are common within the industrial area of Baytown, if you flipped your truck and need Heavy Duty Roll-Over Recovery we will dispatch a heavy tow truck to your location now.

Light Duty

  • Additionally, we have light duty winch trucks with 30 yards of winch cable we are capable of recovering just about any car, truck or SUV. Heavy rigs are loaded with snatch blocks, chains and other equipment to ensure minor damage to vehicles during recovery. Our trained professionals are on stand by. Do not hesitate to call, Jeff Smith Baytown Towing is on stand by.

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